Guided Social Media Content Calendar

Achieve your business goals using a different, more effective, first-of-its-kind Social Media Content Calendar. Our unique guided Calendar system will enable you to quickly:


•   Create Effective Posts

•   Improve Brand Awareness

•   Save Time & Money

Goodbye vague PDF calendar!

We’ve all downloaded them hoping it will inspire us to stay on top of our social media writing & posting. Unfortunately, they simply don’t work. With our Calendar system, you will have a unique plan for the entire quarter.

Goodbye clunky spreadsheet calendar!

Do these really help keep you on track? There is a better, simpler way. Our Calendar system enables you maintain your social presence easily and conveniently.

Goodbye social media frustration!

You know how important it is for your business to have a strong social media presence, but you have enough to do already. Our Calendar alleviates the stress that comes with trying to figure it all out and allows you to get back to doing what you love, running your business.

Is this Guided Content Calendar right for you?

You know how important social media marketing is to your business. Good social media marketing can give you a competitive advantage, it can improve your SEO, even improve brand loyalty. All of this ultimately impacts your revenue stream and you know you shouldn’t take it lightly. But as soon as you try to get started with it you quickly find out how complex it truly is and that it takes so much more time to research and figure out how to do it right. That is precisly why we created a unique guided Social Media Content Calendar system that integrates into your modern lifestyle and makes the whole process of Social Media quicker and easier for you and your team.

“This system worked very well for our office. Unlike other calendars we tried, this one helped keep us on track with posts that attracted new interest. We increased followers on Facebook by 40% in one month!”

Susan Snider

Medical Front Office Administrator

“I was at a loss for how to promote my business on social media. Jordon Creative has really helped guide me to know what to post and when to post it with their Guided Social Media Content Calendar. Within just a couple of weeks my Facebook post engagement increased 434%!”

805 Masks

Sandy Darrow | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ve been looking for one you’ll ACTUALLY use!

Quite literally, this is the most useful social media content calendar for your social media efforts. It’s not one you’ll simply download & forget about.

What makes this calendar different than the others I’ve seen?

We’ve simplified the entire social media marketing process for you. No more guessing about what to write to get the most exposure on social media. Also, you no longer have to wonder about what time is right to post and how often. Our Calendar not only provides a writing prompt for your posts on key topics you need to highlight, we guide you through best practices we’ve learned in the industry.

Why would I use this calendar and not a PDF or spreadsheet?

If you’re like us, you’ve downloaded many PDF’s to review later, realized that your social media marketing is going to take more brain power than you initially thought, then put it aside to come back to it later, then forgot about it because something else for your business became more pressing. And for the spreadsheets, they only work well for some brains. Our guided Calendar integrates to your modern lifestyle rather than relying on you to remember to reference them.

Why do I need a Social Media Content Calendar?

A content calendar will help you stay consistent with the writing quality of your posts. It also helps with post frequency. Both of which are very important to the progress of your business, quality and quantity are the things that attract followers and improve audience engagement.

How does this work?

We’ll go into more detail when we have our planning session, in a nutshell, purchase one of the three available packages, set up a company profile by answering a few questions about you and your business, once your answers are submitted, you schedule a time for our planning session. During this session we’ll work with you to develop your own private calendar system.

Do you offer other products or services that will help with my social media?

We do offer graphics (either templates or custom), copywriting, social monitoring, scheduling services and so much more that will enhance your social media, plus save you time. And we’re happy to discuss options at any time.

Why a quarterly content calendar?

We’ve found that entrepreneurs work best when their marketing strategies for social media are not planned out too far in advance. Small businesses are incredibly agile and their marketing strategies need to be too. However, planning for more than a month is important for development and tracking. We found the sweet spot to be about 3 months.

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