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About Us

Unique • Mindful • Real

Jordon Creative is a boutique marketing agency passionate about combining great communication and mindful design, so they can work together to create powerful brand experiences for exceptional businesses.

We love developing thoughtful and exciting campaigns that amplify our client’s message and we get a thrill out of seeing our work in action. Service is at the core of our efforts from start to finish – always. Helping our clients achieve their goals is what drives us. We believe this is the best way to contribute to and elevate our community.


✅ We specialize in developing campaigns using thoughtful strategy, compelling content, and modern graphics to market startups and small businesses in the most effective and cost efficient way possible.

You can hire us short-term by project, on retainer for longer term, or we can arrange a combo package. Whatever your needs – every step of the way – from consultation, to proposal, to project execution, everything we do for you is developed with your business and goals in mind.


Because each client and project is unique, our plans are completely customized to achieve specific goals. We are strategic right from our initial meeting so you aren’t getting pitched something you don’t need or want. Over the years we have found that having the right information and goals at the beginning of our relationship, sets the stage for the most cost efficient and effective campaign.

This means you’re happy with the results – and that makes us happy.