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Well here it goes! It wasn’t our plan to start our blog with this kind of post. We wanted to introduce ourselves properly, but things don’t always go the way we plan. This topic popped up with a current client and we have a hunch it’ll help a few of our other friends.

Client question: Is there some unwritten rule that we can’t post more than one social media post per day?

Our answer for this client is yes. Mainly because the audience base is small and the frequency of posts is intentionally paced so as not to overwhelm the initial base of fans and lose engagement from them. But with our goal of increasing the audience base we should definitely experiment, test various types of content and frequency and make adjustments as we grow.

All of that said, quality is usually always better than quantity. Every brand has a unique audience and every company has a unique set of resources at their disposal.

Being strategic with the content and your resources is the key to maximizing your marketing investment in social media. Be clear on goals, like improving engagement, be clear on who your target audience, then post very targeted messages to hook that audience. Finally always test, review the data, then adjust strategies and tactics.

Top 5 things to consider before making drastic changes to your social media frequency:

1. Why are you changing the frequency now? Is this responding competitor or is something else happening in your marketplace?

2. What are you trying to accomplish by posting more frequently?

3. How is posting more frequently different from what you’re currently doing?

4. How varied will the content be that you plan to post? Avoid spamming your base.

5. What does the audience base look like? large, small, engaged and involved or not at all

Let us know what you’re up to with your social media tactics. We’d love to hear about your experiences.